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Event Graphics
Event Graphics

  • Maximize the publicity for the event

  • Signs make the outdoor event much more friendly for your visitors

  • Wayfinding signs assist out-of-town visitors to find your event

Every fundraising event needs signs of some kind, whether it’s for advertising or signs used at the event itself.

You can maximize the publicity for the event by using a combination of several different types of signs. Banners can be used in a variety of ways to bring awareness, as well as traffic to the event. Including “over the street” banners and smaller banners, small yard signs for sponsor recognition, event wayfinding and parking locations are another affordable option. These types of signs make the outdoor event much more friendly for your visitors.

Budget Range:

Budget can not be determined without knowledge of the event signage needs.

(Important Note: These budget guidelines are the most general of industry pricing standards and are not intended to be representative of any particular sign manufacturer’s quoting procedures. Please refer to these numbers in order to gauge your organization’s overall ability to invest in a specific type of sign and whether the anticipated return is justified with your goals in mind.)

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