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Tradeshow Graphics
Tradeshow Graphics
  • Tradeshows are an effective venue for selling your product or service
  • Meet more qualified people in a short time period
  • Tradeshow graphics act as the package or face of your business

Tradeshow graphics come in all shapes and sizes. From a simple banner to a full blown truss system. We are seeing a lot of banner stands at trade shows recently, and for good reason. You get great looking graphics, that can be carried in and moved around as best fits each show’s layout. You can even get three stands and put them together to create a back wall. Other options are the “Pop ups”, a back wall that can be set up in as few as 10 minutes.

Just remember you have to catch the viewer attention in just 2 seconds. You can do that with great graphics, large photos, illustrations or computer screen captures.

$400 - $50,000

Assumes starting with a simple banner with graphic design, and up to a truss system complete with flooring.

(Important Note: These budget guidelines are the most general of industry pricing standards and are not intended to be representative of any particular sign manufacturer's quoting procedures. Please refer to these numbers in order to gauge your organization's overall ability to invest in a specific type of sign and whether the anticipated return is justificd with your goals in mind.)

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