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ADA Wayfinding
ADA Wayfinding

  • Good wayfinding helps users experience an environment in a positive way and facilitates getting from points A to B.

  • When executed successfully, the system can reassure users and create a welcoming environment, as well as answer questions before users even ask them.

What is wayfinding? Wayfinding exists in many scales and environments. It navigates readers through a city, hospital corridor or airport, calls attention to a storefront, or provides information about an exhibit.

However, too much information can be as ineffective as too little. Developing a hierarchy of information is a critical component of wayfinding, with users being the primary consideration.

Wayfinding’s effectiveness also depends on typeface, font, size and spacing between letters and words. For example, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters is easier to read than only uppercase. Color contrast is also essential for optimum readability.

ADA guidelines from local and national authorities need to be reviewed and followed when developing a wayfinding system. The law affects all facets of the sign, including installation position.

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